• Ndertimi i nje faqe ne internet jo vetem qe do te krijoje dhe ndertoje faqen tuaj ne internet sipas kerkesave dhe deshirave tuaja, por do tju udhezoje dhe ofroj keshilla qe do tju kursejn ju kohe dhe para. Krijoni hapesiren tuaj ne internet, duke rritur numrin e konsumatoreve potencial duke u dhene atyre mundesine per tu lidhur sa me shpejt me ju. Ne jemi ketu per tju ofruar ju nje dizajn elegant me nje cmim te volitshem. Krijo faqen tende ne internet, sic ta ka enda!

  • Payback Time – Free Logos

    We’re offering some free logos, as we feel it’s time to give something back. We’re offering free logos for enquiries received in the next 10 hours. Send us an e-mail outlining your requirements to, or get in touch by visiting us at, or on our Facebook page. We have a team of enthusiastic professional graphic designers who are ready to use their talent to help you out. What are you waiting for?

  • Internships Albania

    Did you know we also offer video animation as a service? Internships Albania will be the first online integrated platform that will allow students abroad to directly apply to internship opportunities with governmental institutions ranging from the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs! This is the first step towards “Helping Albania Attract and Retain the Best and the Brightest! Like and follow the page in order not to miss the official launch in early May as well as the promotional video coming next week!

  • The Gardenia Restaurant, Cambridge (Gardis)

    In light of the recent efforts to help Gardis’ customers to feel safer, Vas has taken a number of steps. One of these is the creation of a website to include a functionality to inform him directly of any dissatisfaction that clients may have with the business. We have been asked to develop a website for The Gardenia Restaurant. To facilitate the steps being taken by Vas to improve the safety of those who love Gardis, the site has now gone live with the reporting functionality while we work on the rest of the site.